Saturday, December 23, 2006

Poised for new beginning...

Two bags full of books are what I carried when I came home. But nothing has been touched. I knew this would happen. And it’s always been like this. Whom shall I blame? Is it the comfort of home that has made me a spoilt brat? Or is it those electronic gadgets that open up a new world to me? Or is it the stretched hours of work that I had once put in, demand this lethargy that I have indulged in? I guess all this should take equal share of my bickering.

I don’t know what life holds for me, at least for the next few months. Yes, fear of my results is just driving me paranoid. Don’t you think four months is too long a time for a student to wait for the results? In these four months I am expected to do so many things to get what I want. Well, they are not impossible, though.

And for the moment, I want to keep all those things aside. I have been wanting to come back home and do all this after my exams. Now, that I am here. Doing what I love to do.

First four days of my stay were spent in the company of my two best friends. We went to all the places we used to go when we were together once. Malls, food joints, terrace in my friend’s ten storied apartments and not to forget the bike and barrel, one of the popular hang-outs in Chennai. And this time there was no movie. There wasn’t any good movie, incidentally. But we did go to a new place this time. Savukku Thoppu (Bamboo forest),near Muttukadu, for those who know this place. 45 kms drive along the ECR road, from Chennai. It’s a place ideal for a runaway couple for a handsome romance, they say. Tragically, it was just me and my two other friends. The place was resonating with the roaring noise of the waves from the beach. It was my friend, who is an asst director with Gautam menon, tossed this idea to come to this place. And he wanted to discuss his storyline that he has conceived for his debut movie. It ended up in dancing and singing with bonfire to run around.

And back home. I spent the time with my parents. Relishing on my mom's special recipes and listening to my dad's new take on life and the good old things he always reminisced .And to keep myself amused, I had bought handful of DVDs of my favorite movies. Dil chahta hai, Bend it like Beckham, Monsoon wedding, Cast Away, Kannathil Muthamittal and many other. All I had to do was to just sit back and watch them all.

Finally, I spent two great days with my niece and nephew who is just one and half year old. You see their pictures up there? In fact, it was the fourth time I’m meeting my nephew, ever since he was born, after a six long months. I was worrying if he would recognize me and call me “mama”. But to my surprise he did. Though, it took few minutes for him to realize. I spent good deal of time with him playing around. And my niece was busy with her exams. Too much of work for a 1st standard kid.

Now that my visit to home feels complete. But still there are few more weeks left for me to go back. There is a temple to visit on the agenda and there is one more reason to go partying again. It’s the time for New Year’s celebration.

And parties apart.

God, may this new year bring luck, end all my miseries and give me a new beginning in life.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What lies ahead...

Tamilnadu, apart from its reputation as fast developing states in the country, is known for setting trends when it comes to advancement of its socially and educationally backward class of people. This can be gleaned from the fact that Tamilnadu has 69% of seats under reservation while Supreme Court prescribed a maximum limit of 50%. Well, that makes Tamilnadu no violator of judicial pronouncement. But, rather it ensured safety under the constitutional provisions by placing its legislation under the ninth schedule, thereby insulating it from the judicial scanner. Now, Tamilnadu government has rolled up its sleeves to abolish Common Entrance Test (CET), which is a time-tested mechanism to provide entry into professional courses.

But the abolition of CET is not new and nor is it free from legal complications. This process was set in motion by the former AIADMK government. But later both the High court and Supreme Court put the whole thing to the naught. Here I am surprised to see that DMK led government has not tried to differ on this issue from the previous government. But rather trying to do what AIADMK failed to pull legally. Looks like everyone has an axe to grind on this issue. As far as the legal hitches, Supreme Court has ruled that entrance test is mandatory .In fact on these grounds, among others, AIADMK government was directed to bring the CET back. DMK with this legal complication in mind set up a committee to look in to the technicalities of abolition of CET.

While the government and those in favor of abolition mumble that CET works to the disadvantage of the rural students, there is another set of players who still favor CET. If it is to be abolished, plus two marks would serve as the sole criteria to fill benches in the professional courses. But you remember what we see in the newspapers after the declaration of plus two results? A large number of students with 200/200 in all/one or more major subjects. With abolition of CET it would leave many students at a tie baffling the people who are part of the admission process. Who knows this might even lead to arbitrary rejection of many eligible candidates and would only set the stage for new scourge of confusions. And that’s not all. Is the current system of valuation of answer sheets foolproof? Does the quality of higher secondary education is really the stepping stone for the professional courses?

Answers to these questions are not within the scope of the committee. Abolition is what the government wants. The committee has no authority to look in to the merits of continuing with CET. But its abolition is a mere political choice rather than being backed by solid facts and rational arguments. It is all an effort to win the hearts of a group of people to fill the ballot boxes in their favor rather the voting machines to beep in their favor. Call this vote bank politics. The problems of rural backwardness are not just due to the rural students’ restricted entry to the professional courses but rather it lies deep within.

Rural areas are deprived of many other things apart from the quality education. Blame not the government’s policies for this state of affairs but the delivery system and insensitivity of our politicians. They say our plans and policies are strong enough. But how does that matter if its not implemented with meticulous care and modicum of honesty. By resorting to reservation and abolition of what was considered a fair method government is trying to prove that it is only doing what it failed to do at the ground level. It is a simple ruse for mere survival. Talk about colleges when there are no enough schools in rural areas? And whine about the lack of competitiveness of the rural students when the vacant positions of many teachers are not filled for years?

At the national level, we talk about universal primary education and it’s a fundamental right to every child now. This constitutional amendment has been comfortably passed sitting in the chambers of parliament. But more needs to be done. Get your hands dirty politicians. No, no, I’m not talking about the money tarnished black. Take efforts to build schools at rural areas, fill them with qualified teachers, and good infrastructure (an all inclusive word-water, road, sanitation, etc). And quality education’ eh? After all, you can’t think of relishing on mangoes without planting a mango tree and watering them.

Please, someone try explaining this to our politicians.

Now, back to where I started. Abolition of CET is not the panacea to rural backwardness, though. But helpless we are. What else can we do apart from raising voices and giving out our opinions when the government is obsessed with it. It is time to wait and watch. How is the Tamilnadu government going to pass the law to abolish CET? Would judiciary intervene? Would the government come smelling out roses? What are the logical arguments it is going to put forward to support its action? Fun time ahead.

Monday, November 13, 2006

End of Marathon race

Its been three days since the exams got over. But still I haven’t been able to get rid of the hangover of those exam days. Not able to sleep before 1 and get woken up at 6 as if to check my clock's punctuality. But there is one solace that would douse this sulkiness. It’s the freedom, in terms of time, to watch movies with no strictures of any kind. In fact, the first priority on my “Thing to do” list, after exams, is movie. And I don’t think I would get enough of them. I’m not a movie buff, though. But it’s the long run that has sapped my energy to go in for unlimited fun. And movie is just one way of having fun.

God, I don’t know what my other fellow- IAS aspirants would have been through during this last three months. And I’m talking about only the days of indigence that began after the prelims results. But I’d actuate this whole cycle of process to a marathon race. You just keep running. Slow and steady or fast and furious. But run you must. It starts with classes for almost 10 months. And then you sit at home for one month slogging for the prelims exams. oh no, I don’t want to say any further and tire you down. But I must tell you I know the real meaning of perseverance now. This exams test all those qualities that those self help books preach- patience, tolerance, determination, endurance, et al. It simply makes you strong from within but only if you could resist the negativities. And, in my opinion, success comes just next to this.

As if this was not enough, friends stopped visiting my room, there were no calls. After all, they thought they were doing me a favour. And I dint keep any “ do not disturb” sign board nor my phone was out of service. But that’s 0k. I would take this as another test in the grand scheme of things.

And now its time for self introspection and time to look behind the path that I have walked on. They say mistakes are not sin but not correcting them is. Now all i need to do is scan down my errors and program them in shape. But for some days to follow its just fun. No studies.

I’m just happy that the marathon race has ended. But I know this is just one phase and there is a new beginning to make.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My First Poem

Harib, my dear pal from god’s own country
Remember those days we had fun immensely??
Together we ate and Together we drove around:
You are one helluva singer, get ppl spellbound.

Envy ur smile& take pride in ur friendship
For you win everyone’s heart with no hardship.
Hey,how do you maintain poise& have patience
When life leaves you with pain and pittance.

Harib,my dear pal you are the dearest of all
Days togther we spent stand in my memory tall
Cherish those moments when I pulled your legs
Look what I have made you now-a guinea pig.

(Going steady with my mains preparation. Although i wanted to take a break from blogging, as i had said in my last post, i just thought i'll drop a post to make my blog complete for this month. This is a poem i wrote as a testimonial in orkut for my best friend)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prayers Answered....

It has been nearly a week since my preliminary exams results were declared. Now I have completely ran out of emotions to express how happy I am as finally my mom’s prayers have been answered and the supposedly hard work had paid its results. This is indeed a golden opportunity, as everyone calls it, for me to make hay while the sun shines. It’s the arduous task of preparing for mains examination that has made me sober with a poker face now. Oh!! The day when I knew that I had got through with my prelims exam I started flying in the air fuelled by excitement, euphoria and elation. That night I hardly could sleep.

And now there is a mission that I need to accomplish. All for, myself? No. After my results I feel like my life has achieved new meaning and its waiting to be dedicated for the cause of the country- as collector, as secretary and many other roles to come. I know that sounds very bookish. But I can’t hide what is oozing out from deep within. Yeah, thanks, thanks!! I can hear people saying “ ALL THE BEST” for my mains. Hmmm…I really need to slog it out!! And lets see where the life takes me.

I must tell you all that I really enjoyed writing this blog for this last 5 months. And now I guess I must give this a little break. Hope to see u all soon. C ya!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Are we nearing the End?

This is the country that predicts the future and leads the rest into it. A country at the cutting-edge of the technology. What this country is doing today we would be doing in the next ten years. But paradoxically, in a bizarre way, it has been left to lag behind by simple deed of its president. Well, I’m sure you have guessed it all and the picture of Bush gives a clue too.Yes, It is US of America – the land of opportunities. When the president Bush exercised his veto on the stem cell research Enhancement Act that would have increased the Federal funding for stem cell research, science, technology and benefits to the human kind had taken a back seat. Denying the federal funding is like denying pocket money to a school going kid. This had belied the hopes of many as this research had promised to cure diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and many others. Why did bush behave the way he did?

Now, the event #2. We were (un)fortunate enough to see the warmest decades in 1000 years and even the hottest and coldest day in the recent past. It’s all sheer vanity. They say it is all due to what is called the Global warming. “Kyoto protocol” is the name of the weapon that the many countries across the world have taken to fight this global threat. But USA the country responsible for one-fourth of the global warming pollution has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol. The first thing Mr. Bush did, after 2001 election, was to formally withdraw from the protocol. What has he got to say on this?

Now, the event # 3. Of late, one news item that has captured the maximum airtime and rocked the headlines in all the dailies is the Israel’s attack on Lebanon . USA the most powerful nation in the world remained silent and failed to condemn Israel for its dastardly act. One of the US official, when Israel initiated its first attack, said” Israel military has to run its course in Lebanon and has space to operate for a period of time”. This was like a US VISA stamping on the passport of newly married Indian girl who is waiting to join her husband in USA. Israel went ahead with its devastating spree and it still goes on, as on the date of this post, steady but not slow. I’m sure killing civilian is no fight against terrorism, a cause which US has inexorably espoused to armour. Does Uncle Sam not want world peace? Don’t Ya, Baby??

One common reason that has been attributed for all the above anomalies by a section of writers and journalists is to Bush’s fundamentalist religious ideologies. This is the chain that has tethered the mistrust of science and the war in the Middle East. American Fundamentalists believe, based on the literal reading of Revelation which is central to the fundamentalist theology, that second coming of Christ is at hand. Sounds quite interesting, though. And one basic prerequisite for Christ’s return, as per Biblical prophecy, is Jews should be in full possession of the holy land. That explains why Israel’s attack on Lebanon and Palestinians and USA’s inaction.

Fundamentalist also believe that god is angry about faithless world that he could save it only by initiating devastating catastrophe. This catastrophe could mean end of the world. Oh, my god!! And the beginning of this end was marked by what world saw in the form of First World War. If this is what Bush believes in why would he care about curing diabetes and cancer.

Global Warming?? God damn it!! Go to hell!!

But is it that simple in the world of UNs , Security Councils and Political belligerence. There is always another side of the coin and it cannot be brushed aside in the build-up of a good interesting story. Republicans who supported veto on the stem cell research bill consider that this bill would tend to support taking innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others.

And, why no Kyoto protocol? It would damage the American economy and would cost them five million jobs is the ostensible reason.

Now looking at the flip side of the Israel attack. There are claims that many of the senators in US congress were elected in support of Israel’s funding and not to forget the business motives of the one of the largest weapon manufacturing country in the world.

Diplomatically put, this has left us with two set of facts. Looks like everyone has a story to tell. Proliferation of news media and deluge of accessible information from various corners certainly does complicate the issue and obfuscate our understanding. Taking a stand on issues like this is one thing that I always felt egregiously knotty. It is simply head spinning. But whatever it is. Is that devastating catastrophe imminent? Are we nearing the end of the world? God only knows!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just like that...

Dear friend,

I understand that you have been through the whole gamut of emotions in life- from joy to despair, from excitement to frustration and from love to hatred. I know at this moment you are feeling cynical about life and the entire people around you. You are slowly starting to realize that world is not how you desired it to be. In fact, I want to tell you that thinking of a world that is outright selfless shows lack of clarity of mind and immaturity.

I gather why you feel this way- as if people are here to pull you down and waiting for a chance to annoy you. I know how nice you have been to people around you. And I even know some have told you that you go beyond your limits to help others. Now I’m not saying that’s bad and you quit acting all goodie-goodie. You feel people show their back and they are besotted with their own little things when you are in need of some help. Believe me when I say this!! This is life and that’s how life puts you through pains and pressure. It tests your tolerance and those principles that you want to carry along with you in life. It’s the battle between the treacherous life (as you conceive it to be) and your principles. You must fight it down with courage and perseverance. All alone. Just don’t give up!!

My dear pal, people are not to be blamed. It is only time for you now better than ever before to recognize eccentricities among people and to say yourself “It takes all sorts to make a world”.

U know who I am!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

UPSC calling...

The D-day is around the corner. (Sometimes I wonder if the D-day could also have figurative meaning-dreaded day). The day that would open new doors for some and would show the way out for many. People here in Rajinder Nagar who are tagged “ IAS aspirants” are keeping their fingers crossed for they have no clue when is this day. This is the day when the results of Preliminary Exams will be out. No date is fixed. UPSC ,the constitutional body that shoulders the mammoth task of choosing IASs and IPSs, is known for keeping this date totally out of our clue. But somehow date gets to people through the word of mouth as the coaching institutes always have some insider sitting in UPSC. As I said this day would show new doors to some, but these doors does not lead to red carpet rolled pompous air conditioned ceremonial halls. Instead they’ll lead us to smothering maze of dozens of new doors. Well, that’s the next stage in the 3-tier process of selection. They call it “Mains Examination” .Yes, the name does imply how important it is. These bunch of candidates need to put themselves through in another 2 months of indigence and slogging hours.
And for the other set of folks who are shown their way out its end of their IAS dreams, as UPSC limits the maximum number of attempts. These are the people who have exhausted their maximum attempts. But there are another set of aspirants who are neither shown the door in nor out!! These people go ahead with life hoping for another better year. Thank god, this selection is an yearly affair.
Now where would I fit in?? Luckily this was my first try with this exam. So I have two options: either I’ll be shown the door in or gotta take the next train. Hey!! Do I hear a knock at my door??

Monday, July 03, 2006

Caught In a Vicious Circle

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 3:00PM to 4 PM, 7.15 PM to 8.30 PM. Please do not mistake this to be timings for any super hit TV soaps nor for any live football matches. These are nothing but dreaded hours when people here in my place have to go thru the trauma of regular power cuts. If you think this is in some place that is part of govt’s rural electrification program and where work is still in progress let me dispel your prejudice. I live in Delhi- the rajdhani. If there were one virtue I have to hold these power distribution companies high for I would say it is their strict adherence to the timings. Well, call them reminders at those hours. Reminds us of what? Reminds us of what time it is?? That would be facetious if you think so. It reminds us that India is one country where supply starves the demand. Let me keep food production out of this, for I’m afraid if I’ll get lost in the granary of million tonnes of grains that were denied to burp out of the mouths of millions of those with hungry stomachs. So, let me confine myself to power.

Thanks for this frequent power cuts for it has broadened my horizon. If it had not been for this I’d have wallowed in comforts without making an attempt to try and understand what a deeper malaise it is. For your information govt data goes like this: India’s power transmission and distribution loses is between 35% to 40%. Of the remaining 60% only 40% get billed. Applying simple maths that’s nearly one fourth of the actual production. If so pathetic is the condition what would you expect from state electricity boards (SEBs). A treasury filled with gold, silvers , and gems?? May be yes if only SEBs were ducks laying golden eggs. But in real that’s not the case and I can’t think of any animal or bird to make a proper analogy. Pigs?? skunk??Hyenas?? or a scorpion that stings?? Just go wild. I'll leave that to you.

Yes, finally admitted shamelessly that they are bad and ugly. They said bring those corporate brands in the name of “privatization”(I have nothing against privatization as long as they serve public interest) Reliance, TATA welcome aboard!! And what have these private players left us with? Hiked power tariffs, burnt a hole in our pockets in the name of electronic meters and got our armpits and groins sweating.

Why is this power deficit in a power conscious democratic country? It seems they blame inadequate coal supply. While you probe in further, you will see coal industry pointing their fingers at railways: less wagons .Lalooji, (read railways)kya yeh sach hai?? He says there is no enough steel to manufacture wagons. And TATAji (think steel, think TISCO) blames deficit production of power. Power-coal-wagons-steel-power. We are entangled in this vicious circle. It’s that simple. And I’m not suggesting that this is life and you take it!!

(P.S: It was 10.30 in the night when i was drafting this and there was an univited power cut for just 15 minutes. An aberration. May be NDPL hae learnt to give surprises!!)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Seen through the Window

It was just another day. Life was the same for me. Nothing had changed. The same room, the same table, same old books and the same old window. But this window has a special part in my life for variety of reasons. This window overlooks almost the entire stretch of Bazar marg. A ice cream parlor, ek chai ki dhukan, a small time kiosk and a bustling street is all that I see. As I was seeing through this window, quiet and somber, a truck pulled up in front of my building with the loud screech of brakes. As it stopped I heard the clink of bottles. ”Oh, its for the nechewala daru shop” I thought to myself. And this is for the brethren of “ high spirits” my building houses a “ Wine and a Beer shop” and so reads the signboard. (In chennai signboards read just “ wines”. Strange are the ways of life)

Now all the cartons are to be unloaded- Director’s Special, Royal Challenge, Royal Stag, Bagpiper and Smirn off. The boxes looked colorful. There were three men to shoulder this task. The work began. One man stayed inside the truck to take it out and pass it on to the rest of the two, as they walked to and fro carrying the cartons. I was still seeing thru the window counting the cartons- may be its an hangover that still remains after having served as “ Articled Clerk”(a term I disliked) for the audit firm during my CA course. The truck has been almost emptied. There were only three cartons left. The man inside the truck surreptitiously opened the carton and pulled out one bottle and put an empty bottle of the same kind in its place. The other men guarded what he was doing. oops! looks like a collusion!. Finally the three cartons, minus one “full” bottle in each one of them, were also taken inside. At the back of my mind I thought about the “Replacement mechanism” which companies had. Pity them!!
This exudes that our values have become so debased that people resort to fraud and malpractices as if it is a national game. This is just a tip of the iceberg!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Terry saves...

NUREMBERG, Germany, June 15 the match played between England and Trinidad & Tobago is something which i still can't get out of my mind inspite of many games played after that.If you had seen the 53rd minute of the game you would agree with me.That was when Trinidad almost stole a goal.The goalie was nowhere around.The ball was heading towards the goal.England defender Rio Ferdinand and Trinidad and Tobago forward Stern John watching the ball in action.Trinidad's coach standing at the threshold of exhilaration ready to shout " you've all done it guys".But there goes England defender John terry flying in the air kicking the ball away and falling inside goal area!!It was just amazing man!!!i'm sorry if you had missed it!!

But here's the link:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beware of dogs!!!

It is the early hours of the morning;with its usual scenic beauties. Dewdrops are fresh on the tender leaves of saplings and grass. Sun is still sprucing up for his day out. There is a mild chillness, birds chirp and hens cackles. The air is free from the cacophony of toyotos and fords: bajajs and Hondas. Most of the people must still be on the bed half asleep with the new day to deliver on many of its promises.

At this time of the morning I see this boy walking along the roadside with a megasized polythene bag on his shoulder. Emaciated looks, sunken face, the kind of hair we see in the shampoo ads which says “before use”. Meet the ragpicker boy of rajinder nagar-my locality. I see him every morning when I go out for my morning jog. Now what about him? I always go thru a sense of admiration. You know what ,he has taught me a lesson.He picks the rags sprewn all over the streets. I always wondered where he would take it to and used to think about the penury state of his living. He must be just 12 years old but he shows no fear for those bunch of dogs that bark at him incessantly. Has he closed his ears to those deafening sound?? No. he believes in what he does. Its his duty to do what he is doing. That earns him his bread, afterall. May dogs bark at him:heavens will not fall.

Now whats the moral??many of us fear critcism but ensconce in inhibitions and bask in false praises. It is this criticism that hold us back from what we conscientiously like to do. Are we afraid of the barking sound of the dogs?? This is the lesson I learnt from him. All that one need to do is remain impervious to crticism and listen to the conscience so much so that the barkings of the dogs be overpowered.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is World really that small??

The incident I’m just going to tell u about made me wonder is world really that small. It was two months back when I was traveling from chennai to Delhi by train. When it comes to traveling alone I always look forward to meeting someone I know, after all a journey of 33 hours without a company is like taking boredom to its peak. And this time it was full of strangers, as it always used to be, when I entered the train. There was an old man and his wife with their niece who had finished her tenth standard and was going to visit her mother and there was another army man. As the train moved we got introduced to each other. We shared food. Discussed movies. Discussed politics. The train moved on and so did the time. The next day there was another lady, in her mid twenties, from next bogie sat with us and struck up conversation with that school girl. I started speaking to her as well. She said her name is Archana* and she lives in Bangalore and would be moving to London with her husband next month. As many of my friends work in Bangalore I asked her where she and her husband worked. Then I got to know that her husband worked for a company where my friend Sabitha's* husband happened to have worked. “Who knows they might know each other. It’s a small world” I quipped to her. And my friend Sabitha now lives in Paris with her husband. I wanted to write to her about the person I met on the train. But to my surprise I got a mail from Sabitha last week. She said she had visited London and met one of their friend’s friend in a restaurant. And that person seemed to have asked about me. And she was none other than Archana- the person I met on the train. Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Paris, London. Now tell me is world really that small?? May be this something like what Thomas Friedman, an Amercian columnist, talks about it in his book " The world is flat".

(* Names changed just for the heck of it!!)

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Now I’m sitting in front of the computer feeling like an alien from a different planet pondering over the days I’ve been going thru for the last one month. Confines of the four walls, a bed to sleep on ,a table which had layers of books-this was my world then. Now that I’m back to life, the world looks larger than ever before. I wonder if all the others who had just taken their civil service exams also feel the same. But I must confess that I lived every minute of those few days of indigence realizing that a day had 24 hours: 1440 minutes:86400 seconds. At the moment I just feel aimless heading towards lethargy....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

“ Recently, I was surprised and upset to learn that there are similarities between some passages in my novel….& passages in these books” these are the words of Kaavya Viswanathan, which I just happened to see on the website after I published my previous post here. It is also reported that there are at least 29 passages that are strikingly similar. Well, I just wonder if that book published in 2001 had so much fame to be bought by a film making company but the fact is “ How opal Mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life” has it. Just go kaavya go!!

A Game Called Life

In a large enough world India and Indians including persons of Indian origin are always on the news, good or bad whatever it may be. This time it is 19-years-old Harvard sophomore, kaavya Viswanathan- an Indian American filling up the spaces in print media. But what’s put her on the story? She has penned her debut novel named “ how Opal Mehta Got kissed, Got wild and Got a life” published by Little, brown and co, in march. She is the youngest author signed by that publisher company in decades. And that’s not all!! Her story would be coming to a theater near you, days are far may be, as the movie rights of the story has already been bought by DreamWorks.

That gives much cheer to the Indian community wide spread across the world. This has raised her to the status of a star in the skies of English literature works. But with fame, pride and stardom comes allegations, altercations and controversies. Kaavya is no exception to this, after all none can be spared in this game called life.

Now a high decibel debate is being roared over the authenticity of her works. There are claims of similarities- of plot, characters, style and the language to a book published by author named Megan Mcafferty in 2001. this is the moment kaavya, a name to Indians proud, should display stoic endurance and get ahead with her creative prowess with added vigor. V.S Naipaul, Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy- looks like the list is to get longer. It augurs well that kaavya is a writer to be watched out for.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I believe….
You are not what you think but you are how others see..

Every single person u meet in life has some degree of uniqueness…

Everyone is in need of soul mate and may have one….

Life is synonymous with abundance…

One always thinks past was better…Life gives me less than what I deserve…

A girl can even be an whore but should never be innocent and vulnerable enough to get coaxed into sex, by a guy, who calls it by the name “it-comes-free sex”….

One’s bitter experience is others’ lesson: but pain has to be felt to know how it hurts it can never be perceived…

Fantasies,next only to suicide,are the height of deprivation....

Beliefs are not constant and some of them are mere prejudices….
This entire nation runs on several systems. All this system constitute nation. One such system is political party. India, being constitutionally found on the platform of multi party system, has umpteen number of political parties. Each party can be categorized into some form or the other. To say some, it can be caste based, ideologically sui generis, splinter groups, etc. But now there is one political party which stands out from the rest in one way. Yes, I’m talking about the new party floated former students of IITs. It was only through a mail I came to know that they are contesting in up coming general elections from tamilnadu. Here is that mail:

We have a good chance to vote for the Lok Paritran a party started by 3 IIT students last November.....In chennai they are contesting the elections from

1. T Nagar
2. Mylapore
3. Park Town
4. Thousand Lights
5. Saidapet
6. Anna Nagar

Most of the Party leadership holds degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, and all of them have sacrificed lucrative opportunities both in India and abroad in order to participate in the Party. The President Tanmay Rajpurohit has returned to India leaving his PhD in Economics in the US in order to head this group.So if u r in any of the above places plz don hesitate to vote for Lok Paritran....also spread this word to Ur friends n neighbours in your locality and try to bring in a change...


I jus thought I’d do my bit to forward this mail. Lets wait and see if people of India give an opportunity to the new ones…