Saturday, December 23, 2006

Poised for new beginning...

Two bags full of books are what I carried when I came home. But nothing has been touched. I knew this would happen. And it’s always been like this. Whom shall I blame? Is it the comfort of home that has made me a spoilt brat? Or is it those electronic gadgets that open up a new world to me? Or is it the stretched hours of work that I had once put in, demand this lethargy that I have indulged in? I guess all this should take equal share of my bickering.

I don’t know what life holds for me, at least for the next few months. Yes, fear of my results is just driving me paranoid. Don’t you think four months is too long a time for a student to wait for the results? In these four months I am expected to do so many things to get what I want. Well, they are not impossible, though.

And for the moment, I want to keep all those things aside. I have been wanting to come back home and do all this after my exams. Now, that I am here. Doing what I love to do.

First four days of my stay were spent in the company of my two best friends. We went to all the places we used to go when we were together once. Malls, food joints, terrace in my friend’s ten storied apartments and not to forget the bike and barrel, one of the popular hang-outs in Chennai. And this time there was no movie. There wasn’t any good movie, incidentally. But we did go to a new place this time. Savukku Thoppu (Bamboo forest),near Muttukadu, for those who know this place. 45 kms drive along the ECR road, from Chennai. It’s a place ideal for a runaway couple for a handsome romance, they say. Tragically, it was just me and my two other friends. The place was resonating with the roaring noise of the waves from the beach. It was my friend, who is an asst director with Gautam menon, tossed this idea to come to this place. And he wanted to discuss his storyline that he has conceived for his debut movie. It ended up in dancing and singing with bonfire to run around.

And back home. I spent the time with my parents. Relishing on my mom's special recipes and listening to my dad's new take on life and the good old things he always reminisced .And to keep myself amused, I had bought handful of DVDs of my favorite movies. Dil chahta hai, Bend it like Beckham, Monsoon wedding, Cast Away, Kannathil Muthamittal and many other. All I had to do was to just sit back and watch them all.

Finally, I spent two great days with my niece and nephew who is just one and half year old. You see their pictures up there? In fact, it was the fourth time I’m meeting my nephew, ever since he was born, after a six long months. I was worrying if he would recognize me and call me “mama”. But to my surprise he did. Though, it took few minutes for him to realize. I spent good deal of time with him playing around. And my niece was busy with her exams. Too much of work for a 1st standard kid.

Now that my visit to home feels complete. But still there are few more weeks left for me to go back. There is a temple to visit on the agenda and there is one more reason to go partying again. It’s the time for New Year’s celebration.

And parties apart.

God, may this new year bring luck, end all my miseries and give me a new beginning in life.