Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Colours of Life

Winter of Delhi has come to an end. Its time to roll back your blankets and give your fleece, jackets , pullovers to your local dry cleaners and pack them back in the corners of your wardrobe. Now, the people of Delhi would be getting ready to welcome spring and to celebrate Holi with colours, symbolizing the victory of good over evil

This festival of Holi had some relationship with what is going to occur in my life in few weeks. Of course, there is room for skepticism. The question is: Would there be colours- of joy, excitement and satisfaction? Would the flowers of the plant, I sowed with the seeds of my hard work, bloom to life? Would it be, as my dad says, golden throne (I always don’t agree with his metaphor) or the same tattered chair that I sit on with my books?

Yes, those who had regularly followed my posts here(I guess there should be one or two) would know that the results to the civil service (Mains) Exam that I gave in Nov ’06, is just around the corner. Anytime between 9th and 12th of march. I know, I cannot boast of an outstanding performance in each one of the 7 papers (leaving out the language papers). But I earnestly believe and hope it was decent enough to skirt myself through to the next stage of the selection process- interview.

While my days lingered on, waiting for the results, I had indulged myself in profligate spending of time. And money too. I spent the entire month of December at home, as my books gathered dust here. Thanks mom, I weigh 5 kgs extra now. (2 months of tasteless food,back here in delhi, hasn’t really helped my to lose them.). Luckily, the course I had joined with British Council brought me back to Delhi. But my miseries did not end there. Dhoom 2, Guru, Parzania, Trafic signal, rocky Balbao. There goes 5*130 down the drain. And don’t ask me about the off season sale here. I almost a burnt a hole in my pocket, though I din’t shop much. It was only my friend Sudheer, whom I had accompanied, who was on the inexorable shopping spree.

But there was one thing that gave me solace. I was sincere in reading my daily newspaper, The Hindu, which is like oxygen to IAS-aspirants. And it did not help much as I had scored meagerly low in the mock test I had taken, putting to end whatever fulfillment I had in life. ( To be on the safer side or to be prepared for the worst, I need to spruce up for the next round of preliminary exams) My institute director, whom I consider as my mentor, reprimanded me. It was clear to me that he was disillusioned with my performance and my lethargic approach. I felt ashamed and hated myself. But there he was again convincing me that all is not lost, there is still hope and wished me good luck for the results. I walked out of his suite with a clear agenda in mind, at least, until my results.

To many, I know, this would sound like a confession of a man stung by guilt. You are righteously entitled to consider so. And now I have something to look forward to in life like every man who has walked out of the confession box. While people of Delhi prepare themselves with colours for Holi I would be waiting for the new colours to paint my life with joy and jubilation. Happy Holi, to all those.

Monday, February 19, 2007


I see that I am caught in the clouds of darkness
Like a ship on the high seas of storm;
But not I have a choice of SOS
Still take a flight I must
Though directionless...

I see that I am stranded in the circles of haze
Like a tourist uphill on a foggy winter;
But not I have a comfort of tavern
Still glide through I must
Though directionless..

I see that I am sweltered in the complex of heat
Like a traveller on the sands of desert;
But not I have a coziness of oasis
Still stroll steady I must
Though directionless..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life goes on...

This picture is timed during Israel-Lebanon conflict during Aug, 2005. And that’s the picture that got the “ World press of the year 2006” award. When I saw that news few days back in TIMES OF INDIA I felt a strong impulsion to post it on my blog. No, its not for the females who are sitting pretty on some good old sports car.
I know you must be wondering on what grounds this photo was considered for the award. It needs no photographical skill to click this except for a camera with a basic knowledge which any beginner should have.
But you know why it was chosen for the award. World Press Photo jury chair Michele McNally describes the winning image: "It's a picture you can keep looking at. It has the complexity and contradiction of real life, amidst chaos. This photograph makes you look beyond the obvious." Yes, it’s the real life. When people die in your neighborhood your life doesnot end.Nor need to. Innit?? It just goes on. Work. Worship. Party. Sex. Sports.

For more pictures of world press photo:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All in the game of Politics

Democracy thrives on the strength of the opposition party, they say. No doubt, the largest opposition party of the present time, has its own bizarre way of displaying its strength to pit against the weakness or anything else, that they fancy, of its arch rival, congress. Take this case. When the country went for the general election in May 2004, BJP’s star studded campaign, along with its India Shining theme, was: would you like to be ruled by a Non-Indian? It was a personal attack against the Italy-born Indian bahu, Sonia Gandhi. But in the end, BJP was dethroned, as its previous regime disillusioned the people for whom life never shines, although “ No rule by a Non-Indian “ won support among the Indian middle class.

But the whole country, including the Hindutva party, gasped in astonishment when Sonia Gandhi renounced the post of Prime minister, nation’s highest office and, placed Dr. Manmohan Singh on the throne. She subtly proved that she has seen the power too close to her for too long. But BJP, for the sake of opposition, started to show tantrum by describing Sonia Gandhi as the “Super Prime Minister” and called Dr.Singh puppet in her hands. Also claimed that it is Sonia who calls the shots and makes the important decisions. Don’t they know that Manmohan Singh is world-renowned economist and spearheaded the country into the era of globalized world?

It’s a three yearlong story. But, now when the country is grappling with up surging inflation due to rise in price of essential commodities, amongst the already-a –culprit oil price, SEZ policy that astutely nurturing the skepticism about the food security and the threat of foreign investment in retail sector, BJP has given a new twist in the story, like we saw in Fardeen khan’s Don.

I was intrigued when my eyes caught the headlines “ UPA DOES NOT LISTEN TO SONIA: BJP” in today’s (7th Feb,2007)The Hindu (Pg.12). Of course, we agree that there is room for opposition in democracy. But it has got to be constructive opposition based on ideologies and public welfare. BJP realized, but not very early, that Dr. Singh makes policies on his own terms. But BJP reserved some degree of sarcasm here when it said that letter written by Sonia Gandhi advising PM on FDI policies, inflation and SEZ policy had not yielded results. They explain further: Sonia asked PM to curtail inflation but was not done. She spoke about SEZ but government did not protect farmer from being thrown out of their land. And conclusively, they have said UPA does not listen to Sonia.

Why is that BJP’s opposition strategy always, if not, most of the times revolve around Sonia? Are they showing the country here that congress chief is interested in public welfare whereas the people at the helm of affairs are not? Or is it a cheap strategy to create an internal rift between Sonia and Singh in the party politics?

Its high time BJP involves in constructive opposition keeping in mind the greater interest of the nation.

And please do not brand me as a supporter of congress nor am I an admirer of Sonia Gandhi. I am only pointing out the way today’s opposition party has stooped down. And of course, congress is replete with dramas of this kind in this big game of politics.