Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My First Poem

Harib, my dear pal from god’s own country
Remember those days we had fun immensely??
Together we ate and Together we drove around:
You are one helluva singer, get ppl spellbound.

Envy ur smile& take pride in ur friendship
For you win everyone’s heart with no hardship.
Hey,how do you maintain poise& have patience
When life leaves you with pain and pittance.

Harib,my dear pal you are the dearest of all
Days togther we spent stand in my memory tall
Cherish those moments when I pulled your legs
Look what I have made you now-a guinea pig.

(Going steady with my mains preparation. Although i wanted to take a break from blogging, as i had said in my last post, i just thought i'll drop a post to make my blog complete for this month. This is a poem i wrote as a testimonial in orkut for my best friend)