Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nature and hope….

Sometimes I wonder if the four seasons of the nature symbolizes some kind of change in our life too. Each time there is a change in season I feel my life is being ushered in to a new phase. Though my routine may remain the same but my approach to it is definitely a lot different. No time could be better than now to talk about it. The City of Delhi is slowly creeping in to its days of bright sunshine ahead after having been a witness to mist laden plants, fog shrouded clouds and spine chilling cold. And it’s people are much relieved to get out of their woolens and happy to see the break of the day unlike those cold days when most of the people were huddled in their beds. The Park in the neighborhood, I guess, would be rejoiced to receive its once regular morning joggers and walkers who went missing for a brief time. Yeah, I am back in to my jogging shoes too. But some things haven’t changed. The sight of newspaper boys gathering up and splitting papers, School children accompanied by their mothers and a bunch of Punjabi-speaking old men with immense bon-homie amongst them at the teashop are clearly some of those unchanged things that has almost become my daily scene when I sip on the hot piping tea in the morning. It’s a great pleasure to sit and watch people beginning their day.

This end of winter has infused in me a sense of urgency reminding me to keep focused on the up coming preliminary exams in May. If there is one thing I liked about summer, despite the scorching heat, it is the energy it supplies that helps me to keep working. But winter, of course, has its own share of joy. Nature, as it may seem, brings with itself these symbolic changes of this sort to break the monotony in our life. I think it is only these changes that throw new challenges and promises that keeps us looking forward in life with a new found hope. I don’t know who said hope gives us strength. But I know that it is so right.