Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prayers Answered....

It has been nearly a week since my preliminary exams results were declared. Now I have completely ran out of emotions to express how happy I am as finally my mom’s prayers have been answered and the supposedly hard work had paid its results. This is indeed a golden opportunity, as everyone calls it, for me to make hay while the sun shines. It’s the arduous task of preparing for mains examination that has made me sober with a poker face now. Oh!! The day when I knew that I had got through with my prelims exam I started flying in the air fuelled by excitement, euphoria and elation. That night I hardly could sleep.

And now there is a mission that I need to accomplish. All for, myself? No. After my results I feel like my life has achieved new meaning and its waiting to be dedicated for the cause of the country- as collector, as secretary and many other roles to come. I know that sounds very bookish. But I can’t hide what is oozing out from deep within. Yeah, thanks, thanks!! I can hear people saying “ ALL THE BEST” for my mains. Hmmm…I really need to slog it out!! And lets see where the life takes me.

I must tell you all that I really enjoyed writing this blog for this last 5 months. And now I guess I must give this a little break. Hope to see u all soon. C ya!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Are we nearing the End?

This is the country that predicts the future and leads the rest into it. A country at the cutting-edge of the technology. What this country is doing today we would be doing in the next ten years. But paradoxically, in a bizarre way, it has been left to lag behind by simple deed of its president. Well, I’m sure you have guessed it all and the picture of Bush gives a clue too.Yes, It is US of America – the land of opportunities. When the president Bush exercised his veto on the stem cell research Enhancement Act that would have increased the Federal funding for stem cell research, science, technology and benefits to the human kind had taken a back seat. Denying the federal funding is like denying pocket money to a school going kid. This had belied the hopes of many as this research had promised to cure diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and many others. Why did bush behave the way he did?

Now, the event #2. We were (un)fortunate enough to see the warmest decades in 1000 years and even the hottest and coldest day in the recent past. It’s all sheer vanity. They say it is all due to what is called the Global warming. “Kyoto protocol” is the name of the weapon that the many countries across the world have taken to fight this global threat. But USA the country responsible for one-fourth of the global warming pollution has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol. The first thing Mr. Bush did, after 2001 election, was to formally withdraw from the protocol. What has he got to say on this?

Now, the event # 3. Of late, one news item that has captured the maximum airtime and rocked the headlines in all the dailies is the Israel’s attack on Lebanon . USA the most powerful nation in the world remained silent and failed to condemn Israel for its dastardly act. One of the US official, when Israel initiated its first attack, said” Israel military has to run its course in Lebanon and has space to operate for a period of time”. This was like a US VISA stamping on the passport of newly married Indian girl who is waiting to join her husband in USA. Israel went ahead with its devastating spree and it still goes on, as on the date of this post, steady but not slow. I’m sure killing civilian is no fight against terrorism, a cause which US has inexorably espoused to armour. Does Uncle Sam not want world peace? Don’t Ya, Baby??

One common reason that has been attributed for all the above anomalies by a section of writers and journalists is to Bush’s fundamentalist religious ideologies. This is the chain that has tethered the mistrust of science and the war in the Middle East. American Fundamentalists believe, based on the literal reading of Revelation which is central to the fundamentalist theology, that second coming of Christ is at hand. Sounds quite interesting, though. And one basic prerequisite for Christ’s return, as per Biblical prophecy, is Jews should be in full possession of the holy land. That explains why Israel’s attack on Lebanon and Palestinians and USA’s inaction.

Fundamentalist also believe that god is angry about faithless world that he could save it only by initiating devastating catastrophe. This catastrophe could mean end of the world. Oh, my god!! And the beginning of this end was marked by what world saw in the form of First World War. If this is what Bush believes in why would he care about curing diabetes and cancer.

Global Warming?? God damn it!! Go to hell!!

But is it that simple in the world of UNs , Security Councils and Political belligerence. There is always another side of the coin and it cannot be brushed aside in the build-up of a good interesting story. Republicans who supported veto on the stem cell research bill consider that this bill would tend to support taking innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others.

And, why no Kyoto protocol? It would damage the American economy and would cost them five million jobs is the ostensible reason.

Now looking at the flip side of the Israel attack. There are claims that many of the senators in US congress were elected in support of Israel’s funding and not to forget the business motives of the one of the largest weapon manufacturing country in the world.

Diplomatically put, this has left us with two set of facts. Looks like everyone has a story to tell. Proliferation of news media and deluge of accessible information from various corners certainly does complicate the issue and obfuscate our understanding. Taking a stand on issues like this is one thing that I always felt egregiously knotty. It is simply head spinning. But whatever it is. Is that devastating catastrophe imminent? Are we nearing the end of the world? God only knows!!