Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beginning to End

Its been five months since I blogged. I can give umpteen reasons for my abstinence from this little space that belongs to me. One of them being my journey to success has been stretched a bit. And it is not that I have dispossessed the time that I should reasonably spend for things like blogging or taking a stroll across the street on a moonlit night or even a movie show. I just despised that thought of having to put down the misery of my failure. Yeah, I know that failure makes one stronger and makes one learn the lessons the harder way. But the raise from the fall is ain’t that easy. Its painful and its more than a struggle. One thing is sure the success is going to taste a lot sweeter than the sweetest thing I have ever known.

This journey has brought me to Delhi again, the place where I reached the threshold of success once. And I see lot of changes. The competition level in the exam has gone up and looks even fierce some just like the rental values here in Rajinder Nagar. The place which once had my favorite tea shop had to wind up for it couldn’t afford the daily rent. A single room which would give enough space for a cot, a table and for you to move about a little bit costs a rent of minimum five grands. I really wish if someone could take the pain of suing the House Owners here for charging such exorbitant rent.

But there are few things to cheer about. A few yards away from my room, across the shankar Road, lies another tea shop which really makes a tasty special chai. And not just that. There is a huge tree out there and under its shade I spend the few minutes of pleasant morning with a nice Chai to sip on. And there’s a park too where I go for my regular morning walk. But sad that most of the people who come there are old people fighting Arthritis and other old age related illnesses. It’s difficult for a person like me who had spent nearly the last twelve years of life in the company of lots of friends to sit in a lonesome room with no souls around to talk to. But the Library I have joined in Barakambha Road and some new friends I have made are a big relief.

Now this is just another beginning to end what I started. And I hope success is not so far.