Friday, July 13, 2007

Vroom Vroom..Pom Pom...

Chennai, the good old Madras, is brimming with the same energy as I had seen two years back. And people on the roads of chennai are still the same flouting rules if no cops around. In fact they have even become worse. Tout the economy for almost touching a two digit growth and easy-available vehicle loans. Roads are blooming with vehicles and it is utter chaos all through the day, not just during the peak hours. Motorcyclists jostling for every little space they see to glide through before the traffic signal turn red. Corporate honchos at the steering honking restlessly to crawl in. And poor pedestrians woefully sidelined in this celebration or you might see one or two running as if their house is on fire.

No doubt chennai's traffic has reached its peak and its evident for all. I was happy, when i found a house for me to stay in with my mother, at a locality i had once lived. Its road, dubbed as Chief Minister's Road, for it housed the Party chief of both DMK and AIADMK, was know to have a smooth traffic except when CM's convoy sped through at 90 kmph. This stretch of road, hardly 2-3 kms, i need to take to reach my CA institute, takes 15 minutes which once used to take just ten minutes. And its a nightmare with seven traffic signals to pass through. Almost all of them turning red before I were to cross the stopline.( The only time most of the two wheelers ,including myself, wait with patience is when the policeman stops everyone for all the girls of Stella Maris College to cross over the road. But colleges have some fixed timings, you see.)

May be these are signs that confirm the UNPF (United Nations Population Fund) report which says that world's populations is steadily moving to cities and town. Did someone say I just did that? It also says that the demographic transition is set to cross milestone in 2008, where very second person on the planet will live in urban area. Looks like the craze to live in cities is not going to relent. And that means more number of vehicles. Its high time that Tamilnadu government starts thinking and improve its public transport system. What the metro needs is not just more number of buses but sophisticated Metro trains, only which can bring a sigh of relief to the road users of Chennai. And not to forget the immense good it will do against what everyone is talking as global warming.