Saturday, May 05, 2007

A soldier sobs

My love, here I am on the battlefield
Fighting the war- To uphold our nation’s
Freedom, Sovereignty, rights and pride.
Holding in my heart the pain
Of your unfathomable words you reeled out
On the night before I was to leave.

You said: I would die one day young and brave
To the swords of my foes, leaving you
And our unborn children downcast
On the coast of dejection and depression.
Remorseful you were
For having made a bad choice.

I know, all young men in our village, lined up
To catch a glimpse of your ravishing beauty
Your long braided hair that swayed graciously
Eyes that could intoxicate even the strong-at–will
Dimples that could bring back life of a deadman.
Ruthlessly stunning, you were.

The deep love I have for you is not unknown too.

Ask the river on whose banks we laid
Hand in hand for hours, Hear those trees
Speak of the veracity of our love. And talk to
The holy idol in our temple- you’ll realize that
The bond of our love is fortified with truthfulness and trust
Unshaken it will remain.

Hold on till I return unruffled.