Saturday, December 01, 2007

Moment of Introspection

Life has various phases. Each one of them filled with its own share of happiness, sorrow, love hatred and regrets. every single day can be a chapter, in a book called life, waiting to be told. But at times we all go through what we had already lived in the past- may be when we were a child or a even a week back or 2 or 3 years ago. You may call it dejavu. This is what i am going through exactly at this point of time.

The long drawn process of my mains exams have finally ended. I could sense the same freedom, relief and pressure upon me not to falter in my duties that I felt last year. and this time I have a vivid precedence to fall back on. Its rightly said experience is the best teacher. I guess I have learnt my lessons well.

I have resolved to myself not to commit the same mistakes, I did last year, until my results are out. And I am not direction less like I was then. So Lord, preach me patience, perseverance and tolerance.