Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Such a relief...

Sweat drenched my clothes
While I walked among the bunch of blokes
Prayed to god for the clouds of relief
He had a different plan or so was the belief

Days passed on with no change
While no relief in near range
People sulked and earth parched
Ponds dried and petals cried

Yet another day Sun beamed wrath
It went west as I walked on the path
Clouds turned grey all of a sudden
Soon became the earth moisture laden

Sunday, July 19, 2009

An object of a curious case..

They say success taste a lot sweeter when you had trod through the bitterness of failure and stumbled upon the carpets of thorns. May be it does. But who cares. The feeling of success would last for say an hour or so or may be a week for some. What matters to me is the change in life that is going to follow. Its like suddenly you are placed at the crossroads. You are given the choice. Your life is no more the same like it was yesterday. And come to talk of it here in civil service preparation, that I am in to, its like suddenly you raised to the level of stardom. If you could place yourself in some decent rank every competitive magazines craving for lucrative chunk of their share in the business would flash your photos and interviews for the next few months. People talk about you and they’d remember you too during the stint of their preparation.

Well, I am looking forward to that change. And you want me to talk about my failure. They call it a curious case. It’s like I’ve passed through all the stages of exams and failed at all of them too. Things have gone in a backward fashion for me. Anyways, I lived this life that I am going through right now for miserably longer years. I guess you must have seen this popular T-shirt line “I was born intelligent but education ruined me”. That is a little different in my case. I’d say,” I was born healthy education ruined me”. I had done too much of sitting staring at voluminous books that my joints and all needs to be regularly exercised. And that’s what the doctor said.

You know you need a bit of luck if you want to get what you want. But I guess luck is a gift I am yet to receive. And to pep myself up, who knows may be its in transit. One question that my conscience is asking me right now is, “ Am I working towards success?”. If I had to answer here then I would say “Not all the time”. Especially after making a brief visit home for my sister’s marriage studies has marked a downward trend on the graph of my progress. The thought that I’m the next one, in fact the last one in our generation, to get married in the family should shake me up a little to work even harder. Anyways its pleasing to meet friends and to hear them say, without going in to what lies beneath, that their studies are slow too. But whatever, there are always people making it to the success list. Ultimately it is what that counts.

Well, I am just peeping out to see if success is just around the corner. Hmmm…looks like its caught in the traffic. Ha ha ha….

oops....just figured out that this is my 50th post....That goes for a toast....clinnnnkkkkkk.......