Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rock On!!

Rock on-just as what the title says it thoroughly rocks you. For those who are thinking this is another film about friends much like the greatest hit Dil Chahta Hai you are in for disappointment. No doubt DCH is the greatest movie ever made on friendship in Bollywood. Though this movie directed by Abhishek Kapoor with lead role played by Farhan Akthar co-starring Arjun Rampal ,Koena purie and others is short on friendship there is lot of rocking music in it. This would indeed fit into the genre of “ Musical”

The movie opens with the touch of reality showing the diverged lives of four friends. Each one of them is class apart. This truly portrays how once celebrated and cherished friendship is pushed into oblivion in the struggle for livelihood- either in search for more riches or just to create an identity for oneself in the life of uncertainties. Debutant Farhan Akthar , the famed director of DCH, plays a role of Aditya, wealthy Investment banker who keeps pretty much to himself even at the cost of making his wife Sakshi feel like he is stranger in her life yet staying under one roof. The story moves forward as his wife finds out his past as lead vocalist in a fledgling Rock band in Mumbai. In an attempt to bring a smile back on the face of her husband Sakshi invites the other three friends played by Arjun Rampal , Purab and Luke Kenny to Aditya’s birthday party.

Later the movie switches between the four friend’s endeavor to make a music album in the past life and their dissection from music in the present life. Here the story unveils why their lives have found differnt direction. Each one of them realizes how their music created magic and they vow to resume what they had left unfinished. And then the story has an happy ending.

The debutant Farhan Akthar has not made a great impression as an actor. But he has proved himself to be a scintillating singer with his unique voice. My personal favorites are “Pichle saath Dinon Mein” and “Rock on” sung by Farhan himself. The music by Shankar-Eshaan-Loy has lot of energy and is set to create trend in Indian music. Rock music is soon to be heard and be played all around the corner. May god keep the moral policing self-styled protectors of Indian tradition off the road.

The movie Rock on though did not meet the great expectations I had it is a great feast for your ears and would definitely give you a feeling that you are in the midst of thousands of audiences swaying left-to right in a Live concert. If you really want to get yourself rocked on and take a break from the regular bollywood style movies then Rock on is for you. Go ahead and get perspired in the heat of rock music.