Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par had reached us well with its trailers. And now the movie is rocking too across the country. Aamir Khan as we all know always plays for the perfection on the screen. That wonderful actor has just added another feather to his crown by directing his debut film TZP.

TZP deals with today’s parents and what they end up doing in trying to put their child on top of everything. The story revolves around a 8 years old boy Ishaan (played by Darsheel safary) who is in third standard for the second year. Yet struggling. He plays the role of a naughty boy and a lovely son to his parents and a caring lad who takes pride in his brother’s achievement. He has played his role stupendously making us laugh and making the parents and parents-to-be to think within. That’s clearly the handiwork of the Actor-cum-Director, the Amazing Khan.

As the story unfolds Director himself enters the movie doing what he is best known for. He plays the role of a teacher- the type which we wouldn’t find in our schools. He helps the child restore the self-confidence that had been shattered due to constant bickering, nagging and bullying.

TZP has a marvelous music made by the trio-Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The background music at many places simply moves you. Especially the music from the guitar makes you tap your feet. The song “ Kholo Kholo” is the final song in the movie that conjures up the spirit of the entire film.

This movie would definitely trigger your brain cells to go back to your school days. And more so if you had been to a boarding school. And this movie is truly for those who love kids. Please don’t miss it.

Here’s the official site of TZP: (Highly recommended. It has an amazing designing)