Friday, October 24, 2008

Petty Politicians...Pity People..

If there is one thing about India that amazes Western countries it is primarily India’s integrity to stay together as one nation despite its diversities in every aspect of a civilization. This becomes more sacrosanct when we come to think of it in the light of various secessionist forces acting in various countries across the world. In fact world’s history is replete with such bleed-a-nation-to-death stories. The controversial Holocaust, “Ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia , breaking up of Serbia and Montenegro, UN orchestrated separation of Kosova from Serbia, Russia backed breakaway of South Ossetia from Georgio, Clash between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims in West Asia are some of the bloodily written pages on it. And looking at the war going on in Srilanka against LTTE one wonders if they would ever arrive at a solution. Here again there are accusation against Srilankan Army forging to wipe out Tamils in their fight against LTTE. And the story in our backyard is equally bad too casting a doubt on the virtue of our nation’s integrity.

Secularism remains an ideal thing to talk about. But the order of the day among fundamentalists is showing not a modicum of tolerance towards other religions. The act of vandalism against churches in Orissa and Karnataka performed shamelessly by the Hindu Fundamentalist and a rape of a nun is all highly condemnable. Worst thing is hundreds of people were displaced and turned into refugees in their own land. This situation was close to a civil war. The lethargic action by the governments of both the states reeks of vote bank politics.

The next evil that is gaining strength is regionalism. It has been apparent in a subtle way so far. But the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has blown up the evil to a size larger than life. The recent event involving MNS activists, of course this is not their debut act, beating up North Indians aspiring to take Railway Board Exams on the claims that Marathis are denied jobs is hooliganism that needs to be nipped in its bud. Raj Thackeray, MNS chief, following the attack addresses a gathering, “ Press your demands in such a way that they would have no alternative but to accept your demands”. He dared the government to arrest him and said “Maharashtra would burn if he gets arrested”. If he claims he is for People of Maharashtra why would he let it burn and let the people suffer. This is a utter display of what power can do. To everyone’s surprise Maharashtra government mustered courage to court his arrest.

And in another event in Tamilnadu there is widespread protest against attack on Tamils in Srilanka by its army. The State has some prominent political leaders who are known to be sympathizers of LTTE, an organization banned as terrorist organization across the world. Vaiko one among such leaders made an uncalled for statement. He said his party cadres would not hestitate to carry arms to Srilanka Tamils in their struggle for Tamil eelam. And as if adding fuel to fire his party chief warned centre not to force Tamils in the State to launch a struggle for a separate Tamilnadu. The Tamilnadu government in no less time arrested them on sedition charges.

What has become evident is that politicians who are expected to adhere to the constitutional principles are blatantly violating them. In their fight for power it is the people’s day to day life that takes the bashing. And as long as these leaders have followers that are very much likely to thrive on.